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MediaLink Helps MAIA Sign Up Members
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MediaLink Systems traveled to Columbia Missouri to the Missouri Association of Insurance Agents 2011 Small Agency Conference in March of this year to assist their Public Relations committee with this booth operations. Members of the association were presented with a live feed of the streaming videos of the Trusted Choice commercials and static screens of the 9 Benefits of being a Trusted Choice Agent.

Andrew Cato was on hand to show the advantages of using digital media in an office environment to agents from across the State of Missouri.

Jibben Medical joins the MediaLink team!
images/JIBBEN&SIGN.gif MediaLink Systems and the medical office of Dr. Bobby Jibben have teamed up to provide dynamic method of providing valuable information to patients and their families.

Dr. Jibben’s waiting room at his Jibben Medical Clinic in Dexter, Mo., now features a MediaLink digital sign system that now only provides his patients with much-needed information, but helps ease the traffic flow, helps minimize the wait time, and also promotes and recognizes Dr. Jibben’s volunteer work with young people in the community.

Jibben has continued a tradition started by his father to serve as physician to the local Dexter Bearcat athletic teams. Walking up and down the sidelines at football games, Nicknamed 'Dr. J' by the students, he is on hand to treat injuries as players come off the field, to talk to and encourage the team, and to advise the student athletes on how to handle the “aches and sprains” of the rough-and-tumble world of high school football. The MediaLink program in the waiting room at Jibben Medical features photos of this local hero in action with the athletes, giving his patients a more personal glimpse of his talents.

The waiting room program gives tips for patients to make their office visit more efficient and effective, promotes healthy lifestyle choices and promotes local community activities. In addition, the screen provides live television broadcast throughout the day.

The teaming of MediaLink and Jibben Medical has provided a dynamic venue to promote the clinic and the community, and keep patients informed and engaged.

Change in recent years with a great influence
The communications industry has taken on an incredible change in recent years with a great influence of new technology and much more here.The communications industry has taken on an incredible change in recent years with a great influence of new technology and much more here.