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MediaLink Posts Video of the St. Louis Euro Car Show
images/Booth SF STL Euro Car Show.jpg- June 5, 2011 it was an incredible weekend helping State Farm agent Matt Greer with his booth at the 2011 St. Louis European Car Show. All the action at the Frontenac Plaza was electric as the roar of high performance motors filled the air ... FROM THE MediaLink Systems screen.

Take a moment and view the YouTube video of the entire day. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xoFz3IdSVQo.

You will find that the Matt Greer State Farm Agency booth was a center point of the entire show. The red and white along with the LCD monitor system was a smash hit and a draw to many patrons at the show. It didn't hurt that we had a Ferrari F430 and Mercedes SLR McLaren displayed at the booth supplied by Danny Baker of Exotic Motors Midwest of St. Louis.

MLK Teams With State Farm Insurance for St. Judes
images/MLK & SF Crew Pic.jpgSt Louis, MO - The MediaLink team loaded their innovative brand of media and arrived at the 24th Annual St. Louis European Auto Show. Partnering with the Matt Greer State Farm Agency and Exotic Motors Midwest, the trio of businesses were able to captured the attention of over 10,000 attendees.

With temperatures reaching triple digits on the asphalt parking lot of the Frontenac Plaza, the dynamic presentation of high end cars and engines roaring made heads turned. The material was developed by MLK team members, Andrew Cato and Zach Hedrick and also included many of the State Farm commercials and point of sale asking for attendees insurance business.

images/SF Booth with Screens.jpgAttendees were brought to the booth by the displays of the Ferrari F430 and Mercedes SLR McLaren displayed on each side of our booth. This rare high end sports cars were supplied by Danny Baker of Exotic Motors Midwest of St. Louis.

After coming near the booth, a loud strong roar of the Ferrari F430 quickly turned heads toward the MediaLink boards and patrons were quickly drawn to watch and listen to the programed content.

images/C Sullivan and Gabby.jpgChris Sullivan and Gabriel Greer of Matt Greer State Farm Agency remained busy throughout the day collecting names of potential customers while passing out various literature from their office.

The St. Louis European Auto Show dedicates the proceeds of this event to St. Judes Children Hospital. in St. Louis MO. The event is must see for all Euro car lovers.

Hicks' World Champion Smoked Meats Uses Both at Sysco Show in Memphis
 images/HSM Menu Booth T Turner.jpg "Never say it can't be done" ... as the MediaLink Team was tasked with putting a four (4) screen booth together for a customer and friend, Darrell Hicks of Hicks' World Champion Smoked Meats of Jackson Tennessee most recently. Providing the booth was the simple part but creating the entire digital media presentation on a 10-Day notice was a challenge that the MLS Team simply owned.

The booth was completely dynamic with two (2) 42" screens simulating both the Digital Menus and a complete video production describing the history, experience, preparation and the advantages to using Hicks' World Champion Smoked Meats in retail stores. In addition, the booth contained two (2) 32" vertically mounted LCD screens that were able to display product, pricing and additional advantages to the quick preparation of Mr. Hicks' products.

images/HSM D Hicks Sysco Show 032011 1 2.jpg Sysco Memphis was the sponsor of the food show and MediaLink attended as a guest of Mr. Hicks. Our feedback and inquiries about our digital menu system has been incredible as we continue to receive calls daily.

Menus and Product POS is made easy through use of the MediaLink Digital Media Systems. Our systems are cost effective and adaptable to every need of our customers. Your retail store can be up and running within a very quickly.

Contact Andrew Cato with any questions and allow the MLS Team to assist you with this dynamic way to present your products to your customers. Andrew will custom design a plan for you.

images/HSM Darron Hicks Sysco Show 032011 1 2.jpg Special Thanks goes out to a great friend is Darron Hicks, who has allowed us to display our dynamic menu boards to many Sysco Foods Memphis customers. Darron is an incredible businessperson with a keen eye on what the business world will be like in the future and we appreciate his work in allowing the MediaLink Team to join Sysco at this great event.

MediaLink Helps MAIA Sign Up Members
images/Trusted Choice Booth.jpg
MediaLink Systems traveled to Columbia Missouri to the Missouri Association of Insurance Agents 2011 Small Agency Conference in March of this year to assist their Public Relations committee with this booth operations. Members of the association were presented with a live feed of the streaming videos of the Trusted Choice commercials and static screens of the 9 Benefits of being a Trusted Choice Agent.

Andrew Cato was on hand to show the advantages of using digital media in an office environment to agents from across the State of Missouri.

Jibben Medical joins the MediaLink team!
images/JIBBEN&SIGN.gif MediaLink Systems and the medical office of Dr. Bobby Jibben have teamed up to provide dynamic method of providing valuable information to patients and their families.

Dr. Jibben’s waiting room at his Jibben Medical Clinic in Dexter, Mo., now features a MediaLink digital sign system that now only provides his patients with much-needed information, but helps ease the traffic flow, helps minimize the wait time, and also promotes and recognizes Dr. Jibben’s volunteer work with young people in the community.

Jibben has continued a tradition started by his father to serve as physician to the local Dexter Bearcat athletic teams. Walking up and down the sidelines at football games, Nicknamed 'Dr. J' by the students, he is on hand to treat injuries as players come off the field, to talk to and encourage the team, and to advise the student athletes on how to handle the “aches and sprains” of the rough-and-tumble world of high school football. The MediaLink program in the waiting room at Jibben Medical features photos of this local hero in action with the athletes, giving his patients a more personal glimpse of his talents.

The waiting room program gives tips for patients to make their office visit more efficient and effective, promotes healthy lifestyle choices and promotes local community activities. In addition, the screen provides live television broadcast throughout the day.

The teaming of MediaLink and Jibben Medical has provided a dynamic venue to promote the clinic and the community, and keep patients informed and engaged.