Physicians program
Physicians program
Patients and their families in a clinic or hospital waiting room are not just individuals for whom doctors treat, but they are also consumers of information and potential customers of products and services.

MediaLink Systems is offering the unique ability to communicate strategically to your patients. They are focused and can become captivated by MediaLink’s programming and targeted messages.

images/Content/physicians.jpg92% of patients are more likely to watch TV in a physician’s waiting room, than to pick up a magazine, pamphlet, or newspaper.

Digital signage does far more than communicate advertising. It educates.

Digital signage also entertains – minimizing the perception of office wait time.

MediaLink’s signage program can assist in your own patient flow, as well – dispersing information thus saving time and frustration for your own office personnel. Time-saving tips regarding the check-in process, office procedures and navigating the building can be explained while the patient is waiting.

All of us have spent time in the doctor's office or the hospital, and while the staff may have been pleasant and professional – the time spent waiting is an annoyance. MedliaLink can help soothe your patient’s inconvenience into a pleasant experience.

MediaLink Systems’ signage technology can be utilized throughout the healthcare industry, including:
  • Facilitating communication with staff
  • Minimizing perceived wait times
  • Informing patients
  • Disaster preparedness

MediaLink Systems technology applications:
  • Direct patients and visitors
  • Provide building information and directories
  • Market hospital/clinic specialties
  • Provide ADA accessible signage
  • Promote physician specialties
  • Provide important current health information

MediaLink Systems signage preferred locations:
  • Building lobbies
  • Check-in and registration areas
  • Waiting rooms and areas
  • Emergency rooms
  • Elevator banks
  • Cafeterias, cafes, and gift shops
  • Donor recognition areas
  • Exam rooms

Join the MediaLink Systems team!

/images/Content/telephone.jpg Medialink will assist you in taking full advantage of digital media in your marketplace. We will facilitate the quick, hassle-free installation of the screen, upload the software from a remote location, design your own creative message and provide advertising content to complete the process.

Five minutes of every hour will be dedicated to your own material, created by MediaLink professionals at ZERO charge.

You select your programming. There is the opportunity to screen local RSS feeds, weather, sports, or any other cable television channel simultaneously with the other material. If outside advertisers are part of your programming, then the monthly fees to you are waived.. MediaLink has solutions for any size clinic or health care facility.

Transitioning from current communication programs to modern digital signage is a move that will significantly reduce anxiety and frustration among patients and visitors by providing indispensible and real-time information. Providing directories and directions, doctor-patient specifics, and preventative health information will maximize a patient’s attention and engagement. Enhanced communication between staff and patients will go a long way in providing an overall better quality of care. Clinics and facilities will have a dynamic venue to promote services and programs, seeing the end result in an increase in patients, in patient/family satisfaction and a more productive bottom line.