Solutions 1-2-3
Getting started is as easy as 1 - 2 - 3!
1.Buy and install a tvBuy and install a tvChoose the size and type of LCD monitor you would like to use in your business. You can purchase commercial-grade machines from MediaLink, or purchase one at a local electronics retailer. The only requirement is that the units are 1080P

Locate and install the LCD TV monitors in your business in high traffic locations. Electricity, Internet and cable/Direct TV drops should be available at the locations and make sure your Internet has a static IP assigned.
2.Receive MediaLink SystemReceive MediaLink SystemYour MediaLink System Player will be shipped or personally delivered to your business. Simply mount the player to the back of the LCD displays - connecting the Internet/video to the player. Plug the player into an electric outlet. Installation services are available upon request.

3.Contact us to go liveContact us to go liveContact your MediaLink representative to report that you are "ready to go"! Your representative will assist you and within 48 hours your system will be operating and working for you!